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Smart Solutions: Protecting Installations from Burst Pipes with Freeze Protection

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Winter can bring along a lot of unexpected troubles, one of which is burst pipes. Burst pipes can cause significant disruption and serious damage to properties, even if only a minor rupture [1]. The average cost of weather-related home insurance claims for burst pipes last year was £9,300, making it crucial to protect your installations from the risk of bursting [1].

One of the most effective solutions to protect installations from burst pipes is freeze protection. In this article, we will discuss smart solutions to protect installations from burst pipes with freeze protection.

Smart Solutions: Protecting Installations from Burst Pipes with Freeze Protection
Man repairing a burst pipe

What is Freeze Protection?

Freeze protection is a process of protecting installations from bursting by preventing the water in the pipes from freezing. During the winter, the water in pipes can freeze and expand, causing the pipes to burst. Freeze protection solutions aim to maintain the temperature of the water pipes and prevent the water from freezing [2].

Causes of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be caused by various reasons, such as:

  • Freezing temperatures [1]
  • Poor insulation [2]
  • Water pressure changes [6]
  • Age and wear and tear of the pipes [6]

The Effects of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can have significant effects on your property, such as:

  • Water damage [1]
  • Structural damage [1]
  • Increased water bills [5]

How to Protect Installations from Burst Pipes with Freeze Protection?

There are several smart solutions to protect installations from burst pipes with freeze protection, such as:

1. Insulate the Pipes

Insulating the pipes can help prevent them from freezing by keeping the heat inside the pipes. Pipe insulation can come in different forms such as foam sleeves, pipe tape, batt insulation, expanding foam, or electrical heating tape [8].

2. Maintain a Consistent Temperature

Maintaining a consistent temperature on your property can help prevent the water in your pipes from freezing. Set your thermostat to at least 55°F (12°C) to ensure that the temperature in your home remains above freezing [6].

3. Use Freeze Protection Mode on Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have a freeze protection mode that can help keep your pipes from freezing. This mode works by keeping your heat pump working at a low power mode at around 46°F (7°C) [5].

4. Use Freeze Protection Solutions

There are different freeze protection solutions available in the market that can help protect your installations from bursting, such as:

a. nVent RAYCHEM Freeze Protection Solutions

nVent RAYCHEM provides electric heat trace cables for water lines to prevent water in pipes, pumps, and other equipment from freezing. Their self-regulating heat trace cable provides heat where it’s needed, without the added worry of overheating. Their comprehensive range of electrical heat trace cables is versatile and easy to install [3].

b. Ecoflex PFP Cable

Ecoflex PFP cable is a simple solution to prevent frozen pipes in domestic and small commercial buildings. It is composed of a pre-terminated fixed resistance heating cable fitted with a pipe thermostat, making it a simple, low-cost solution. The integrated thermostat monitors pipe temperature and energizes the system when there is a risk of freezing [4].

5. Other Smart Solutions to Protect Installations from Burst Pipes

Other smart solutions to protect installations from burst pipes include:

  • Keeping cupboards open so the air underneath them stays somewhat warm [9]
  • Checking for any leaks or cracks in the pipes and repairing them promptly
  • Letting faucets drip to keep water moving through the pipes and prevent freezing [6]


Burst pipes can cause significant damage to your property and incur high costs, making it essential to protect your installations from the risk of bursting. Freeze protection solutions, such as insulating pipes, maintaining a consistent temperature, and using freeze protection solutions like nVent RAYCHEM and Ecoflex PFP cable, can help prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

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